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Gosforth Locksmith Service Journal A Day In The Life !

Early St Patrick's

Day Shenanigans

A fairly standard start to the day with a call from a local landlord requesting a straight forward no fuss emergency opening situation. Next job was an absolute nightmare mortise lock job which took over 2 hours to complete.

Was called out by a group of local students requesting emergency back door mortise lock entry granting access into their back yard for a St Patrick's day party of up to 150 guests. From what i gather after speaking with the client the original plan was to kick the door of its hinges however Gosforth Locksmith Service were able to provide a more subtle method of entry all finished off with a shiny new lock two new keys & all at a great low price too.

A pretty tough time consuming job but very rewarding especially after receiving my complimentary four pint cans of Stella from the DJ / very satisfied customer... Few hang

overs in Jesmond newcastle today i would imagine

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