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I believe in a local dedicated service in Gosforth and Newcastle.

Our community is at the heart of our locksmith business along with our family values. We believe in a honest reliable service.

S. Fenwick Head Locksmith & Owner

Gosforth ocksmith Logo logo on trans wit
Gosforth ocksmith Logo logo on trans wit


Reliable Newcastle Locksmith Service

Gosforth Locksmith Service is owned and operated by Steven Fenwick who lives local in Gosforth and noticed one day when he needed a locksmith how much he was ripped off, how hard it was to find a real local locksmith that was not a London based company. After this Steven set out to find out how to become a locksmith and found Master Locksmith and Business Developer Steven J Taylor. After a few meetings they both agreed to work together and Steven Fenwick took on a 2 years apprentice as a locksmith under Steven J Taylor. 

Today Steven Fenwick heads up Gosforth Locksmith Service, serving his local community with fair prices and supporting local trade buying all stock locally. Steven lives local and has built a solid reputation for being fair on pricing and the quality of work he delivers on each locksmith job. He is dedicated to 24 hour emergency call out with his hot flask of sweet tea on standby at all times ready to get you out of the cold and back in your home.

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