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Multipoint locking systems are typically found in composite doors uPVC doors & windows. It's fair to say that the bulk of our work here at Gosforth Locksmith Service comprises of dealing with various issues which occur within these multipoint locking systems. The multipoint locking system isn't designed to last forever however we regularly encounter issues with customers doors which have significantly reduced the life span of their system. Misalignment is the biggest culprit where the hooks and bolts coming from your door no longer perfectly align with their keeps on the frame, a tell tale sign would be the handle becoming stiffer to operate. These issues should be addressed in order to prevent the system from failing prematurely. Gosforth Locksmith Service can provide a solution & if your multipoint locking system has completely failed we can get it open & remedy the issue. We carry most multipoint system parts in the hope of resolving the issue in one swift visit. All parts supplied & fitted carry a 12 month warranty.

Prices start from as low as £29.99 we don't charge a call out fee or add VAT to our bills

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signs to look out for

door handle becoming stiffer

Key becoming harder to turn

Keys snapping in your lock

Door handle just spinning

Call for a free quotation or to arrange an appointment 07949271885

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