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Gosforth Locksmith Service A Day In The Life !

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Thursday 26/02/2020

After scraping the ice shelf from my windscreen i eventually arrived at an undisclosed location at 10.30 am for a very important discussion with my business mentor about all things Gosforth Locksmith Service & thankfully things are seemingly going well & definitely moving in the right direction.

Just as i get home & sit down to a late fish & chip lunch from my favorite chippy BOOM ! the phone rings & it turns out a neighboring family have a crisis on their hands & are sat in their car outside their home with two toddlers locked out after a 36 hour return flight from the good old USA. Whats a local locksmith near you to do ?

Pull out the cape & spring into action that's what Gosforth Locksmith Service emergency locksmith to the rescue & 15 minutes later we're on site with the job in hand, Have to say though was very surprised & shocked at just how low the level of security was on this door & after a detailed discussion both customer & I agreed on some additional door security. Just goes to show though how locks / locking systems are just a deterrent & some are more robust / vulnerable than others.

A just job well done & I'll sleep well tonight knowing another family are far safer in their home. Back on home for some cold fish & chips just as my customer receives their delivery order from Deliveroo as i leave. Irony for you 😂

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