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Failed Locks @ Gosforth Locksmith Service !

Woke up to the always welcomed early call out this morning from a local customer who's mortice lock key decided to stop turning in their lock. Made my way over swiftly opened the lock & after a little investigating it became apparent that the lock had just simply failed probably due to old age given the fact that the lock in question is now obsolete. New lock was ordered and fitted although it was no straight like for like swap therefore some additional chiselling & filling was required to help fit the lock keeps. As you can see from the photo you'd never know it had been worked on good as new & at a great competitive price too.

Next Up

Responded to a call from a local client who's key would not turn in their lock ?

Who knows why but a straight forward lock swap was required although lock was oval shaped rather than the conventional euro style shape which took a little longer to resolve but we got there in the end

Happy days.

Moving on...

Couple of straight forward euro style lock swaps, both Yale locks where they keys would not come out of the lock after being turned. One of the locks in question i had previously looked at and managed to leave it working but unfortunately it faile again after a week or two, we called back out to swap the lock with no additional labour fees

And finally..

Attended a local authority children's home to change a UPVC window locking strip and handle witch had failed, sourced the parts and had them fitted in no time at all.

Remember are prices are very very competitive we don't charge any call out fees we provide free quotes & all our work is VAT free. All locksmiths are fully CRB checked and we carry public liability insurance all parts provided (if required) come with a 12 month warranty.

Or call 07949271885

Also check out are ever growing amount of 5***** Star review on Google.

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Dec 02, 2020

If your residential or vehicle locks are not working properly, always prefer advanced locksmiths because they have knowledge to deal with all type of lock issues.

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